Advanced Practice Certificate – Philosophical Community of Inquiry


Through these workshops teachers will enhance and refine practice.

Workshops may be taken in any order.


  • A FAPSA Introduction to Philosophical Community of Inquiry Certificate and 
  • Spending at least 6 months using philosophical methods in the classroom. 

Advanced Practice 1:

Achieving Ethical Understanding through Philosophical Inquiry


Advanced Practice 2: 

Developing knowledge and understanding through Philosophical Inquiry

Advanced Practice 3:

Improving Student Reasoning through Philosophical Inquiry


This advanced course will help teachers to consolidate and extend their skills in planning and using collaborative inquiry-based methods in the classroom with a particular focus on the critical, creative and caring thinking requisite to the development of robust ethical understanding. 


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Our expert presenters will help teachers to consolidate and extend their skills in using questioning to promote deeper knowledge and understanding, tracking classroom discussion, identifying rich concepts, and creating conceptual activities. Philosophical foci will be metaphysics and epistemology. 


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This workshop introduces participants to basic forms of reasoning and incorporates them into thinking about various kinds of subject matter. Focus areas include justification and inference, deductive and inductive reasoning, and how to map reasoning to improve student proficiency.

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By completing all three Advanced workshops plus associated assessments, participants may earn a FAPSA Advanced Practice Certificate in Philosophical Community of Inquiry. 

This sequence of three Advanced Practice workshops has been developed by (and is officially endorsed by) the Federation of Asia-Pacific Philosophy in Schools Associations (FAPSA).

Sessions are held at the Critical Thinking Quarter, Newington College. Each workshop was previously NESA-endorsed, enabling teachers to claim up to 15 hours of PD addressing standards 3.3.2 & 4.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.