Assessment of Philosophical Communities of Inquiry

The Philosophy in Schools Association of NSW
Presents a new workshop:
Assessment of Philosophical Community of Inquiry

This course is for teachers wishing to have a better understanding of best practice in NSW in the formal assessment of community of inquiry (COI), a core component of many philosophy in schools programs. Delivery will be blended, meaning teachers will be expected to dedicate approximately 4 hours (individually, on their own time) reading materials, assessing a recorded COI, and composing feedback for student participants.

This course will help teachers to consolidate and extend their skills in assessing individual student performance in philosophy in relation to three specific domains: question formation, thinking moves, and collaborative inquiry. As such, this course will assist teachers to practice their skills in tracking metacognition and in composing quality feedback for students in these areas. It will also provide experience and better understanding of student performance in competitive COI which will assist teachers in preparing future teams for inter-school competitive philosophy events, such as the NSW Philosothon.

If you are interested in this course, please email the Association.

Payment: The cost is $150. Payment can be made by direct debit to the Commonwealth Bank BSB 062498 Ac 10426568 in advance of the workshop.

This course will run based on teacher interest. To express your interest, please contact