Free Thinkers Forum

The Free-Thinkers Forum – 7th November at Rosebank College

The Free-Thinkers Forum is a student-centred whole day activity that offers an opportunity for students in Years 9-11 from various schools to come together to listen and discuss topics of particular interest to them. Schools are invited to send groups of students with a nominated speaker amongst them. Speeches are prepared beforehand from a wide assortment of 30+ topics such as: Sale of the 21st Century; the commodification of humanity is just another path to economic growth; Political-Correct-Mess: How should we frame freedom of speech?; Editing humans: Are we creating a monster or a muse? Students provide the adjudication panel. Audience members are invited to discuss the topics raised by the three speakers in each of the short sessions (moderated by a teacher). This day also concludes with a whole group discussion of a topic related to the speeches, with an opportunity for students to record their thinking and reflect on the decisions they have made. Certificates are awarded for Best Argument, Most Engaging Speech and Most Original Perspective as judged by their peers. 

The Free-Thinkers Forum will be held at Rosebank College, 1A Harris Road, Five Dock on 7th November. Contact Cheryl McArthur via email ( for more information or to register your interest.